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About us:


The Israeli Paramedics Organization is founded by the paramedics in order to promote their profession’s status, to achieve acknowledgement, public awareness and formalization for their occupation in all possible fields.


The Israeli Paramedics Organization is aimed at uniting all the paramedics in the State of Israel regardless of their training, place of work or volunteering, in order to be their representative institution, taking care of all the questions related to the paramedics’ occupation.


The Israeli Paramedics Organization is a neutral public democratic nonprofit association with equal rights of its members. All donations are aimed to serve and promote its objectives. All its officials are democratically elected once in three years and perform on a voluntary basis.


Our organization does its best to act in complete cooperation with Health Ministry and all the Israeli institutions related to the paramedics’ occupation; we encourage every action aimed at promoting the paramedics’ profession and those who work in this field.




Our goals:


  • Uniting, organizing and representing paramedics – members of our association; being on guard of our profession’s interests and moral level; defending its members’ freedom, honor and rights.


  • Developing friendship, respect and mutual aid relations between association members by means of full cooperation and personal aid when needed.


  • Taking care of all the problems and interests related to the paramedics’ occupation, working in close cooperation with Health Ministry, legislation organs and other institutions in the State of Israel, demanding of them to pass the laws and regulations to promote and defend the interests of the paramedics and paramedics’ profession in Israel.


  • Sending our delegates to governmental, public or other committees in Israel or abroad.


  • Representing paramedic society to Israeli government, Health Ministry, government authorities and public institutions, all national and local authorities, press, TV and mass-media.


  • Formulating the code of ethics in accordance with public and national importance of the paramedics’ profession and helping to adopt, assimilate and practice these rules.


  • Raising professional level of association members by means of courses and advanced training,   publishing professional literature, distributing instructions material, etc.


  • Helping the association members in defending their rights and improving their work conditions.


  • Cooperating with other organizations in the emergency medicine field in order to promote our common professional goals.  


  • Organizing and practicing every legitimate action, including financial acts, for promoting our association’s objectives.

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